Jane Elliot actress from General Hospital Age, Husband, Wiki. 

In the current society that we live in, balancing work and family is quite a struggle for many. It’s no wonder that more and more people find it hard to balance their life adequately. This, too, is not new for famed TV personality Jane Elliot. Having experienced various ups and downs, she continued to strive through her career and personal life until she finally reaps the dreams she has for herself.

Jane, given her fame, has already laid down a big proportion of her private life to the public. However, it is inevitable that people still clamour for more information about her, especially the ones beyond her life on screen. Though there may be some parts she refused to share, there are still pieces of information about this star that you might want to know more about. Scroll down and find everything about Jane Elliot from beyond the screen.

Jane Elliot is an Actress from the General Hospital as Tracy Quartermaine

Jane Elliot’s admirable portrayal of the fictional character Tracy Angelica Quartermaine on the popular ABC soap opera General Hospital in 1978 made her even more prominent. In the show, she is the daughter of the late Edward Quartermaine, a wealthy businessman, and his late wife, Lila Quartermaine. Elliot’s performance in the show is notable; hence it is unsurprising that she gained a lot of outstanding records in the industry. Indeed one can say her fame never seems to go old.

General Hospital actress, Jane Elliot
Jane Elliot played the role of Tracy Angelica Quartermaine on General Hospital

As one of the actresses that made the show a hit, the General Hospital team acknowledged her efforts in the field last April 28, 2017. It aired a special stand-alone episode dedicated to Elliot and her years on the show. Truly, her passion and accomplishments for acting, not to mention the impact she brought to the show, deserve a round of applause.

Age, wiki

Amidst the exemplary character she carries herself for, the life of Jane Elliot is far from perfect. During her early years, she was never given a chance to receive a formal education. But instead of putting herself in bars of sorrow, Elliot made this event her driving force to take acting lessons and then found her way into the acting business. With her persistence to go against the odds, she now lives the life she once just imagined.

Having been in the industry for many years, this 74-year old American actress already has numerous accomplishments that she is pretty proud to share with the media. Among the list is General Hospital, where she was most known as Tracy Quartermaine. Elliot was also part of the cast in the short-lived ABC soap A Flame in the Wind. One can say all these roles were purposely engineered for her by destiny as she is indeed befitting to every fictional character she brings to life.

Husband and kids

The American actress Jane Elliot was never left behind in finding one true love. She was married to a man named Luis Rojas. For eight years of togetherness now, their story is something most of us would want to have. As their love blossomed, they welcomed the most precious gift that life bestowed to them – their son Adrian Lucas Elliot. Both of them were even more blessed when they added two adopted children in their lives: Annie Rose Elliot and Isiah Doss-Elliot.

Indeed, Elliot was and will always be blessed on every surface of her existence. Life may not be perfect, but having a successful career and unwavering support from her loved ones are more than enough.

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