Sofia Mattsson (Sasha Gilmore) Wiki: Husband Thomas Payton, Kids

Sofia Mattsson is a famous model, actress, and at the same time a businesswoman. Do not mistake her for wrestler Sofia Mattsson; our Sofia has been associated with several TV series after appearing in ABC’s longest-running daytime soap opera, General Hospital, in 2018. She has also featured in films and tv shows, such as Jurassic City, Becoming Bond, Camp Security, and Total White Guy Move. 

Now we discover more about Sofia Mattsson – her role in the General Hospital as Sasha Gilmore, family, early life, and career. She is married to her better half, Thomas Payton. Continue reading our article and catch on to the basic information here.

Sofia Mattsson as Sasha Gilmore on General Hospital

Sofia Mattsson played the role of Sasha Gilmore in the General Hospital series and appeared on the show in September 2018. Her character, Sasha, is only putting on an act as the daughter of Nina Reeves and the late Dr Silas Clay, as part of Valentine Cassadine’s plan to make amends to Nina, his former wife. 

Sasha Gilmore grew up in the care of her loving mother, Amanda. When her mom died, her grandmother took the responsibility of looking after her since she didn’t have any other family. But her grandmother soon fell sick, she had to undergo an operation, and the expenses were immense. And as a result, Sasha accepted the proposal of Valentin to pretend as his ex-wife Nina’s missing daughter, in a matter of days and earn enough for her grandmother’s hospital bills. 

Sofia Mattson as Sasha Gilmore in General Hospital
Sofia Mattson as Sasha Gilmore in General Hospital

In 2018, Sofia shortly exited the TV series in December 2018 and reappeared in February 2019. She admitted that she assumed that her character and appearance were only briefly when she got the role. 

Last September 2021, productions announced that Sofia would momentarily leave the General Hospital since she had to rest properly following her giving birth. And viewers have last seen her character during the September 10 episode. 

Sofia returned from maternity leave, and Sasha Gilmore reappeared at the series in October 2021 and anticipated Sasha’s storyline with Brando will move forward and make progress in the coming weeks and episodes.

Sofia Mattsson is Married to her husband, Thomas Payton. Kids?

Sofia Mattsson has been married to Thomas Payton for five years now. Thomas Payton is an actor and writer who wrote a couple of episodes of the program Campus Security. He is also the co-writer in the short-film Earth Therapy and Wynnwood Lane (whom he also directed. He is also known for his role in the film Boys of Abu Ghraib as the Medic. 

They went out together for four(4) years and tied the knot on May 14, 2016, in Sta. Monica, California. 

Sofia Mattson in wedding dress with her husband, Thomas Payton
Sofia Mattson with her husband, Thomas Payton

A few months ago, on August 26, 2021, Sofia gave birth to their baby boy and shared a photo of their baby with their fans. But the couple didn’t publicly disclose his name. 

When her character in the series, Sasha, announced she was expecting a baby, and her baby bump started manifesting, fans of the show were already intrigued if she was wearing a fake bump. However, later in June, Sofia confessed that she was actually pregnant and glad to share such a memorable turn of events with Sasha.

GH Sofia Mattson with her baby boy
Sofia Mattson with her baby boy

Sofia Mattsson Wiki.

On June 24, 1993, Sofia Mattson was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She is now 28 years old and currently living in the USA. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. She has not disclosed any details regarding her parents, but she has two sisters, Helena Mattsson, an actress, and Mia Mattson, a production designer. 

We don’t have any information regarding her educational background since Sofia chose to keep it confidential and out of the limelight. Most likely, she finished college at a respectable university with an exemplary record. 

Sofia grew up in Sweden, where she had her first profession as a singer and model. She also participated in a Swedish survival show, Dropped, where celebrities were blindfolded, dropped in some distant place, and had to race and figure out their way to locate civilization. 

Since her sister, Helena, is a well-known actress in Hollywood, LA, she often visited her while filming. Sofia stated that she was frequently on the film set of Desperate Housewives with her sister to observe the life of being an actress (on-screen and off-screen) and how happy her sister is despite her busy schedule. 

Sofia Mattson with her sister, Helena
Sofia Mattson and her sister, Helena

When Sofia turned 19, she chose to follow the sample of her sister and moved to the United States. She landed her debut role in the film Shame on Me (2012) as Veronica, followed by a cameo appearance in a music video of Heart Skips A Beat by Olly Murs Feat. Chiddy Bang. This breakthrough opened the doors to several projects, including a guest role in the Season 10 of the American sitcom Two and a Half Men (2013) and the Revenge episode of the TV series NCIS as Jessica (2013). 

Since Sofia’s mother tongue is Swedish, her first characters speak in a European or Swedish accent. And she wanted to broaden her future projects, so she decided to improve and perfect her American Accent. She enrolled in accent training courses, got vocal coaches, and trained diligently to speak fluently as she converses nowadays. 

Before being a regular cast member on General Hospital, she first appeared in some TV series like Start Up (2016), Drive Share (2017), and The Therapist (2017). She was also featured in many movies including, Jurassic City (2015), Becoming Bond (2017), My Husband’s Secret Wife (2018), Long Lost Daughter (2018), Adrenochrome (2018), The Wrong Husband (2019), and Gothic Harvest (2019). 

Aside from her hectic acting career, Sofia and her sister, Helen, launched a handbag business named Ava Carrington in 2019. The company creates high-grade handbags that are eco-friendly and free of any animal by-product. Their vegan leather has excellent durability that lasts longer than often utilized vegan materials like PVC and PU. It is likewise ultra-lightweight. With assertive personalities and a deep-rooted passion for artistry and handiwork, the Mattsson sisters head off to create bags that are both high-quality and easy to carry.

As of 2021, Sofia Mattsson has an estimated net worth of $4million. She has obtained her wealth from her career as an actress and model. We don’t have any figures about her business’ income. 

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