General Hospital Cast 2022: Coming and Goings

General Hospital is a soap opera that was created by writers Frank Hursley and his wife, Doris. It first aired in April 1963 on the ABC network. The medical soap opera originally ran for only 30 minutes but was later extended to one hour per episode. The show’s popularity spawned spin-off shows such as Port Charles, which aired from 1997 to 2003, and General Hospital: Night Shift from 2007 to 2008. The popular soap opera still airs up to this day and has been hailed by Guinness World Records as the longest prevailing soap opera in American television. It also holds the record for having the most Emmy Awards with 14 awards for Outstanding Drama Series. Read this to know the general hospital cast.

General Hospital Cast That Are Still With Us

Maurice Benard As Sonny Corinthos (since 1993)

Maurice Benard has been part of the General Hospital cast since 1993, where he plays the role of Sonny Corinthos. His character is the mob boss and the main protagonist on the show. Sonny is the son of Adela Corinthos with her deceased ex-husband, Mike Corbin. The excellent portrayal of Benard won him an Outstanding Lead Actor award at the Emmy’s in 2003.

General hospital cast, Maurice Benard As Sonny Corinthos

Is Maurice Benard Leaving General Hospital?

There have been rumors that General Hospital cast Maurice Benard will leave the show after Sonny Corinthos fell from a bridge and was presumed dead. He disappeared from the show for a few episodes and took a much-needed break where he was supposed to film a movie. Benard had previously taken a break from the show in 1998 after struggling with bipolar disorder and other mental issues. Fans were worried that he was not coming back to the show as his contract had also expired. However, much to the relief of his fans, Sonny reappeared on the show, but this time as Mike. After falling off the bridge, his character has suffered from amnesia, and he now works at the ranch.

Steve Burton As Jason Morgan (since 1992)

Steve Burton has played the role of Jason Morgan since 1992. He initially auditioned for the role of A.J. Quartermaine, the brother of Jason Morgan on the show. The character Jason Morgan is the son of Dr. Alan Quartermaine and his mistress Susan Moore. He is also the identical twin of Chief Drew Cain, who is a former Navy Seal. Burton’s excellent portrayal of the character has earned him a Best Supporting Actor award from the Daytime Emmy’s in 2000.

Steve Burton As Jason Morgan on General Hospital

 Is Steve Burton Leaving General Hospital?

There have been rumors that Steve Burton will be leaving the General Hospital cast this 2021. These rumors came out after the executives of the ABC network have mandated that all of their employees, including the entire General Hospital cast, have to be vaccinated. It has been reported that Burton does not agree to this mandate and will be leaving the show. Burton is said to be against getting the vaccine even after he contracted COVID19 in August 2021. It is still unclear when his final episode will be aired or how his character will exit the show.

Laura Wright As Carly Corinthos (since 2005)

Laura Wright joined the General Hospital cast as Carly Corinthos in 2005. Carly is the love child of the lawyer Jason Durant and the nurse Bobbie Spencer. She is also the ex-wife of mob boss Sonny Corinthos and the best friend of Jason Morgan on the show, who, in a dramatic turn of events, has now become her husband. Carly is currently the mob boss after Sonny fell off the bridge and disappeared.

Laura Wright As Carly Corinthos on GH

Is Laura Wright Leaving General Hospital?

Fans of the show were worried that the character of Carly Corinthos would be leaving the General Hospital cast after the limousine that she and her new husband Jason Morgan exploded. However, it is unlikely that Laura will be leaving the show since she is still under contract. It is most likely that the newlyweds Carly and Jason have managed to escape from the explosion.

Kelly Monaco As Sam McCall (since 2003)

Kelly Monaco has played the role of Sam McCall on the General Hospital Cast since 2003. Her character is the daughter of Julian Jerome, the mob boss, and his former wife, attorney Alexis Davis through a one-night stand. Sam has had controversial onscreen relationships with Drew Cain and Jason Morgan. Her character also has a relationship with mob boss Sonny Corinthos.

General Hospital Kelly Monaco as Sam McCall on GH

Is Kelly Monaco Leaving General Hospital?

There have been speculations that Kelly Monaco will be leaving the General Hospital cast after the show’s executives have sent out a casting call for Sam McCall’s character in August. However, this was a standard procedure since Monaco has failed to meet the deadline for the contract renewal. The good news is that it has been confirmed that by the end of August 2021, the actress has already renewed her contract on the soap opera.

Rebecca Herbst As Elizabeth Webber (since 1997)

Rebecca Herbst has been part of the General Hospital cast since 1997 and has been portraying the role of Elizabeth Imogene Webber-Baldwin. The character of Elizabeth is a nurse, and she is the daughter of Dr. Jeff Webber and Carolyn Webber. In addition, she is also the grandchild of Dr. Steve Hardy. Elizabeth has had relationships with Jason Morgan, Ric Lansing, Franco Baldwin, and Lucky Spencer. The character also has a much-followed feud with Sam McCall over the affections of Jason Morgan.

Rebecca Herbst As Elizabeth on GH
Rebecca Herbst

Is Rebecca Herbst Leaving General Hospital?

In January 2021, the ABC executives announced that Rebecca Herbst would be leaving the General Hospital cast. They urged fans to follow the development of the character of Elizabeth and how she will be exiting the show. However, one month later, the ABC executives announced that Rebecca Herbst would stay and renew her contract.  It seems that fans of the soap opera will be seeing more of Elizabeth Webber.

Nancy Lee Grahn As Alexis Davis (since 1996)

Nancy Lee Grahn has been portraying the character of Alexis Davis since 1996. Her character is the child of Prince Mikkos Cassadine and the opera singer Kristin Bergman who also happened to be his mistress. Both of her parents were already deceased in the soap opera’s storyline. Alexis was also married to mob boss Jullian Jerome, but the marriage ended in divorce.

Nancy Lee Grahn As Alexis Davis on GH
Nancy Lee Grahn

Is Nancy Lee Grahn Leaving General Hospital?

The character played by Nancy Lee Grahn in General Hospital was sent to prison in one of the episodes in April 2021. This development caused fans to question if Grahn would be leaving the General Hospital cast. Their fears were eased when the next episode featured Alexis Davis inside Pentonville Prison. In addition, the writers added Maggie to the soap opera cast as one of the characters that she interacts with while in prison.

Kirsten Storms As Maxie Jones (since 2005)

Kirsten Storms joined the General Hospital cast in 2005 as the character of Maxie Jones. The character that she portrays is the child of Frisco and Felicia Jones, who has had a tumultuous relationship right from the start. It is why Maxie to have a distant relationship with her parents. She grew up under the care of Mac Scorpio, who she treated like he was her father.

 Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jones on GH
Kirsten Storms

 Is Kirsten Storms Leaving General Hospital?

Kirsten Storms is not leaving the General Hospital cast, but she is on a temporary leave of absence. She is taking a break from working on the soap opera to focus on her health. After she had brain surgery, she had a large cyst removed from her brain. The actress focuses on getting better and will be back on the show as soon as her health permits. She last appeared on the drama series in July 2021, where her character Maxie Jones is seen leaving Port Charles and traveling to Texas with her baby.

Ingo Rademacher as Jasper “Jax” Jacks (since 1996)

The Australian actor, Ingo Rademacher, has been portraying the role of Jasper “Jax” Jacks since 1996. His character is the child of John Jacks and Lady Jane Jacks. Jax is the best friend of Alexis Davis and the mortal enemy of Sonny Corinthos.

Ingo Rademacher as Jasper on GH
Ingo Rademacher

 Is Ingo Rademacher Leaving General Hospital?

Rumors have been flying in the early part of November 2021 that Ingo Rademacher will be leaving the General Hospital cast. It came after the network implemented the vaccination mandate for everyone working under the ABC. Rademacher has been very vocal about his sentiments against vaccination right from the start. After a week, it has been confirmed that the actor is no longer part of the General Hospital cast. His final appearance on the series will be aired on November 22, 2021.

Chad Duell As Michael Corinthos III (since 2010)

Chad Duell has been portraying the character of Michael Corinthos III since 2010. Michael is the biological child of A.J. Quartermaine and his former wife, Carly Benson. The character was born on the series in 1997 after his parents had a one-night stand. He is also the adopted son of Sonny Corinthos, who is a mob boss in the series.

Chad Duell As Michael Corinthos III on GH
Chad Duell

Is Chad Duell Leaving General Hospital?

Chad Duell is not leaving General Hospital anytime soon. His character Michael Corinthos has fallen in love with the character of Willow. However, she has to marry Chase because he is dying. The lovebirds sneak behind Chase’s back, but they eventually get caught. There is still a lot to look forward to in the character of Michael as the events in the soap opera unfold.

Dominic Zamprogna As Dante Falconeri (since 2009)

Canadian actor Dominic Zamprogna was cast as the character of Detective Dante Falconeri in 2009. His character is the love child of Sonny Corinthos, the mob boss, and his former lover, Olivia Falconeri. Ned Quartermaine is his stepfather, and Carly Corinthos is his stepfather. He was formerly married to Lulu Spencer, and they have a child named Rocco.

Dominic Zamprogna As Dante Falconeri on GH
Dominic Zamprogna

 Is Dominic Zamprogna Leaving General Hospital?

Dominic has previously left the soap opera in 2018 but returned for a short while in 2019. After a few episodes, he took a break and returned in 2020, but the actor was already under contract this time. It means that the character of Dante Falconeri will not be leaving the soap opera this 2021.

Bradford Anderson As Damien Spinelli (since 2006)

Bradford Anderson was cast as Damien Spinelli in 2006 and still plays the role up to this day. Damien entered the series as a college-aged kid who had unknown parents. His grandmother was raising him. The character is in a relationship with Ellie Trout, and he also has a daughter, Georgie, from his former fiancé. Damien is best friends with Sam and Jason Morgan.

Bradford Anderson as Damien Spinelli on GH
Bradford Anderson

 Is Bradford Anderson Leaving General Hospital?

Bradford Anderson has had a recurring role on General Hospital ever since he joined the cast in 2006. He initially signed a contract, but he decided not to renew after seven years. Since then, he has only been appearing on the series from time to time. So far, the actor is still not under any contract, but he appears regularly at General Hospital. As of 2021, Anderson’s character is working for the Corinthos family, and this has caused the break-up with Ellie Trout. A romance with Maxie Jones may be looming on the horizon.

Kimberly McCullough As Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake (since 1985)

Kimberly McCullough is one of the most long-standing General Hospital cast members. She has portrayed the role of Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake since 1985. McCullough has also appeared on all the seasons of the series’ spin-off entitled General Hospital: Night Shift. Dr. Robin is the child of Agents Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane. Her character became controversial in the 1990s when it was revealed that Dr. Robin is HIV positive. In addition, Dr. Robin is the wife of Dr. Patrick Drake, and they have two children named Noah and Emma. She is friends with Sonny Corinthos, Brenda Barrett, Jasper Jacks, Nikolas Cassadine, and Jason Morgan. On the other hand, Dr. Robin is enemies with Carly Corinthos.

Kimberly McCullough As Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake on GH
Kimberly McCullough

Is Kimberly McCullough Leaving General Hospital?

Kimberly McCullough is not leaving General Hospital anytime soon. She has just returned to the soap opera in May 2021 in an episode in honor of John Reilly, who has already passed away. The real-life daughter of Reilly also appeared in the episode as his character’s daughter.

Finola Hughes As Anna Devane (since 1985)

Finola Hughes has been a part of the General Hospital cast since 1985, where she plays the character of Anna Devane. She is a special agent and the twin sister of Dr. Alex Devane. The character is a former spy of the DVX and WSB. She used to be married to another agent named Robert Scorpio. They have a daughter, Robin Scorpio. Anna was also the former wife of Duke Davery, a former mob boss and nightclub owner. The character of Anna Devane was temporarily portrayed by Camilla More from 1991 to 1992 after the show’s executives fired Finola Hughes. In 2012, Hughes returned to the show and remained up to this day.

Finola Hughes As Anna Devane on GH
Finola Hughes

Is Finola Hughes Leaving General Hospital?

It is not likely to happen that Finola Hughes will be leaving the General Hospital cast this 2021. Her character is part of some very crucial storylines in the soap opera. Anna is on a quest to search for Maxie’s baby. In addition, she is also looking for Peter. There are also rumors that Anna and Valentin will have a budding romance in the coming episodes.

Leslie Charleson As Dr. Monica Quartermaine (since 1977)

Leslie Charleson first joined the General Hospital cast in 1977, where she plays the part of Dr. Monica Quartermaine. Monica is part of the illustrious Quartermaine family of Port Charles. She is married to Alan, and their marital troubles were a considerable part of the soap opera’s storyline from the 80s to the 90s. In addition, her character has also defeated breast cancer, survived the death of her three kids, and many other dilemmas. Monica also owns the Quartermaine mansion.

Leslie Charleson As Dr. Monica on GH
Leslie Charleson

Is Leslie Charleson Leaving General Hospital?

In August 2021, the series’ executives confirmed that Leslie Charleson is no longer under contract at General Hospital. Even if she is no longer under contract, her character Dr. Monica will still have a recurring appearance on the soap opera in the coming episodes. Fans will still see more of Monica in the future, but it will not be as often as before.

Jane Elliot As Tracy Quartermaine (since 1978)

Actress Jane Elliot has portrayed the character of Tracy Angela Quartermaine since 1978. Tracy is the spoiled daughter of Edward Quartermaine and Lila Quartermaine. She belongs to one of the wealthiest families in Port Charles. The willful Tracy was first married to Lord Lawrence Ashton, with whom she had a son named Ned. Her second husband was Paul Hornsby, and they had a son named Dillon. Monica spent most of her life finding love and gaining power in the family company, ELQ Enterprises.

Jane Elliot As Tracy Quartermaine on GH
Jane Elliot

Is Jane Elliot Leaving General Hospital?

Jane Elliot has officially retired from acting in 2017, but she has had recurring appearances on General Hospital through the years. She last appeared on the 2019 holiday episodes of General Hospital. In November 2020, Jane once again appeared on the show as the beloved character of Monica. She appeared for several episodes that lasted until January 2021.

Lisa LoCicero As Olivia Falconeri (since 2008)

Lisa LoCicero has been Olivia Falconeri on the show General Hospital since 2008. The character of Olivia hails from an Italian family in New York. As a teenager, she had a relationship with Sonny Corinthos and got pregnant at 15 years old. She named her son Dante and kept the identity of his father a secret. Olivia is the owner of Metro Court Hotel in Port Charles. She also has another son named Leo with mob boss Julian Jerome after a one-night stand. Olivia is now married to Ned Quartermaine.

Lisa LoCicero as Olivia Falconeri on GH
Lisa LoCicero

Is Lisa LoCicero Leaving General Hospital?

The character played by Lisa LoCicero on General Hospital is still a considerable part of the storyline, which implies that the actress will not be leaving the soap opera this 2021. Her character Olivia is now living a laidback life after acting as the first lady of Port Charles. Her husband Ned lost the re-election as mayor after getting involved in a scandal. Olivia’s son Dante has PTSD and refuses to return home. To add more drama to her life, her husband Ned has a one-night stand with Alexis, who also stabbed her son Dante with a syringe. Ned and Olivia eventually reconciled. However, when Ned informed Olivia that her son Leo might have autism, she could not accept it and asked for a divorce.

Roger Howarth As Franco Baldwin (since 2012)

Actor Roger Howarth has portrayed Franco Baldwin since 2012. He is the son of villain Heather Webber and lawyer Scott Baldwin. In addition, he is also the adoptive sibling of Chief Drew Cain, a former Navy Seal. Franco leads a reclusive life as a sociopath and serial killer. On the other hand, he is also a famous artist and photographer. However, he turned his life around in 2013 when he came home to Port Charles. In 2014, he founded the art therapy program at General Hospital. His character goes through many challenges along the way, including conflicts with his wife and children.

Roger Howarth as Franco Baldwin on GH
Roger Howarth

Is Roger Howarth Leaving General Hospital?

The character of Roger Howarth in General Hospital kidnaps Peter and tortures him to get a confession in the May 2021 episode. Peter eventually admits that he abducted Drew, shot down his plane, and ordered the failed assassination attempt on Franco and Andre. However, the two antagonists struggle to get hold of the gun, ending in Franco getting shot in the chest. The character of Roger Howarth eventually dies. However, that is not the last time fans will be seeing Howarth on General Hospital because he will be returning to the show as another character. He will be part of the General Hospital cast, but this time as a doctor named Austin.

Maura West As Ava Jerome (since 2013)

Maura West characterizes the role of Ava Jerome in General Hospital since 2013. Ava is the offspring of the mob boss, Victor Jerome, and his mistress, Delia Coleridge. She has a daughter with Franco and the mother of Lauren Frank. Her daughter Lauren Katherine is also known as Kiki. Franco did not realize that he had a daughter.

Maura West As Ava Jerome on GH
Maura West

On the other hand, Ava also did not know that Franco was a Quartermaine by blood. Luke informed her that Kiki was entitled to the wealth of the Quartermaine’s since her father was one.  In 2018, Kiki was killed by Ryan Chamberlain. Ava married Nikolas Cassadine in 2020.

Is Maura West Leaving General Hospital?

In the recent September 2021 episodes of General Hospital, the character portrayed by Maura West is terrorized by a stalker. Ava believes that she has to go far away to get rid of her stalker and protect her child, Avery Corinthos. It means that she also has to leave behind her husband, Nikolas Cassadine. This development in the story made the viewers wonder if Maura West is leaving the General Hospital cast this 2021. The good news is that their favorite character Ava is still very much a part of the storyline. She will soon discover the identity of her stalker and put an end to her problems.

Kin Shriner As Scott Baldwin (since 1977)

Kin Shriner assumed the role of Scott or Scotty Baldwin in 1977. The character was also a part of the spin-off Port Charles. Scott is highly remembered as being involved in a love triangle with Laura and Luke Spencer. Laura Webber, his wife, ran away with Luke Spencer, which left him devastated. It led to a sudden change in his personality and turned him into a villain. In addition, Scott is also the adopted son of Lee Baldwin.

Kin Shriner As Scott Baldwin on GH
Kin Shriner

Is Kin Shriner Leaving General Hospital?

It has been rumored that Kin Shriner will be leaving the General Hospital cast after his near-death scene in one of the soap opera episodes. It showed his character, Scott Baldwin, about to fall off an airplane. However, it seems that the much-loved villain of General Hospital will not be leaving anytime soon. His character was miraculously saved in a sudden twist of events.

Michael Easton As Dr. Hamilton Finn (since 2016)

Michael Easton first appeared as Dr. Hamilton Finn in March 2016 after Monica Quartermaine summoned him. Dr. Finn treated Tracy Quartermaine after she suffered from a worm infestation that she acquired in Mexico. After the successful treatment, Tracy insisted that Dr. Finn remain in General Hospital. An excellent physician specializes in infectious diseases. He is also known for having a pet lizard named Roxy that he loves like family. One of the highlights of his character is when he finds a cure for Blackwoods Disease. The proceeds of which were used to save the struggling General Hospital. Dr. Finn also has a half-brother named Harrison Chase.

Michael Easton As Dr. Hamilton Finn on GH
Michael Easton

Is Michael Easton Leaving General Hospital?

The recent developments in character portrayed by Michael Easton have sparked rumors that he is leaving the General Hospital cast. His character Dr. Finn is in a rush to find a cure for Detective Harrison Chase, who is gravely ill because of Peter August. He has to find a way to get the antidote from August. However, in one of the episodes, August is pushed down the stairs, and it is believed to be Finn’s doing. If he gets caught, then he could be sent to jail. However, it has not been confirmed if Dr. Finn’s character will no longer be a part of the upcoming episodes.

Jacklyn Zeman As Bobbie Spencer (since 1977)

Jacklyn Zeman plays the role of scheming Barbara or Bobbie Spencer. Bobbie came from a low-income family and earned a living as a teenage prostitute. She made her way to a nursing degree and eventually worked at General Hospital as a nurse. Bobbie is the daughter of Tim and Lana Spencer and the sister of Luke Spencer. She got pregnant at the age of 16 and gave up her baby for adoption. It was later discovered that her long-lost child is Carly Corinthos.

Is Jacklyn Zeman Leaving General Hospital?

Through the years, the character played by Jacklyn Zeman has appeared recurrently on General Hospital. However, this 2021 Bobbie Spencer may be staying for a few episodes as she helps Maxie protect her child from Peter August. The two characters are expected to go through a lot of hindrances along the way.

Genie Francis As Laura Spencer (since 1977)

Genie Francis joined the General Hospital cast as Laura Spencer in 1977. Laura is the child of Dr. Lesley Webber and Gordon Grey. Barbara and Jason Vining raised her. Her mother was made to believe that she had died during childbirth. In addition, she is the half-sister of lawyer Martin Grey and druglord Cyrus Reynault on her father’s side of the family. The feisty Laura Spencer has killed two individuals in her lifetime. Although it was an accident, she killed David Hamilton and later Theresa Carter. She suffered from a psychological breakdown and murdered Rick Webber as a result.

Is Genie Francis Leaving General Hospital?

Genie Francis is not leaving the General Hospital cast. She just took a break for the summer and returned for the fall episodes. She is still very much a part of the storyline of the coming episodes. Laura discovers that she has two brothers from her father’s side, namely Cyrus Renault and Martin Gray.

Willian DeVry As Julian Jerome (since 2013)

William DeVry is Julian Jerome at General Hospital. The character of Jerome was initially characterized by Jason Culp in 1988 but was killed off in 1990. After 23 years, they brought back the character of Julian Jerome but played by Willian deVry this time. Julian is the son of Victor Jerome, a mob boss. He also entered the mob world but later turned his back to it. The former mob boss now owns Charlie’s Pub in Port Charles. In addition, he is the sister of Ava Jerome. Julian is still in love with Alexis Davis, his former wife. He has three kids named Lucas Jones, Sam McCall, and Leo Falconeri.

Is William DeVry Leaving General Hospital?

The character of William deVry on the General Hospital cast has already been killed off. Julian Jerome is on the run from Jason and Sonny. The hitman hired by Cyrus is also after him and manages to shoot him. The wounded Julian runs to New Jersey, where the hitman shoots him once again. Julian, Jason, and Sonny engage in a gunfight. In the end, Sonny shoots Julian, but then the bridge they were on collapses. Later, the police find the dead body of Julian, but Sonny is nowhere to be found.

John J. York As Mac Scorpio (since 1991)

John J. York plays the character of Mac Scorpio, who is originally from Australia. Mac is the sibling of Robert Scorpio, but initially, they were estranged. They eventually reconciled, and when Robert died, Mac was given custody of his brother’s daughter Robin. He helped her through after she was later diagnosed with HIV.  In addition, he also took over his brother’s old job as police commissioner of Port Charles. Mac is married to Felicia and the stepfather of Georgie and Maxie Jones.

Is John J. York Leaving General Hospital?

John J. York is still part of the General Hospital cast this 2021. His character was last seen in June 2021 where he paid Maxie a visit to the hospital. It has been confirmed that he will be appearing in more episodes this November 2021. The actor has commemorated his 20th year at General Hospital last February 2021.

Emme Rylan As Lulu Spencer Falconeri (since 2013)

Actress Emme Rylan has been part of the General Hospital cast since 2013 as Lesley Lu or Lulu Spencer. Lulu is the child of one of the most memorable couples, Luke and Laura Spencer. In her teens, she gets into a relationship with Dillon Quartermaine and then Damian Spinelli. Later on, she gets involved in a romantic triangle with Johnny Zacchara and Logan Hayes. Logan is the son of Lulu’s mortal enemy, Scott Baldwin. He is accidentally killed, which leaves Lulu mentally unstable. One of the most controversial events in the character of Lulu is her onscreen abortion which was the first on General Hospital.

Is Emme Rylan Leaving General Hospital?

Emme Rylan is no longer a part of the General Hospital cast. In a December 2020 episode, Lulu Spencer suffered from brain damage and was in a coma. That was the last time Emme Rylan was seen in the soap opera. It appears that the network no longer renewed the actress’ contract for 2021.

Wally Kurth As Ned Ashton (since 1991)

Wally Kurth has played the character of Ned Ashton on General Hospital since 1991. Ned is the child of Larry Ashon and Tray of the illustrious Quartermaine family. His father, Larry, is British royalty. In addition, Ned is the head of ELQ, the business empire owned by his mother’s family, the Quartermaine. The nickname knows him of Gatekeeper because he is the one who often fends off any crisis that threatens the Quartermaine family. Additionally, he is also rivals with AJ Quartermaine, his cousin.

Is Wally Kurth Leaving General Hospital?

Wally Kurth marked his third decade in the General Hospital cast this 2021. He is still part of the soap opera. However, his character Ned is not seen as often as before. In the recent episodes, Ned has returned and is trying to fix his marriage with Olivia.

Sonya Eddy As Epiphany Johnson (since 2006)

Sonya Eddy has played the brutally honest Epiphany Johnson character on General Hospital since 2006. She is the indomitable head nurse of General Hospital. The single mother to her only child Stan Johnson, worked hard to send her son to school. Sadly, her son decided to work for mob bosses Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. It ended in tragedy as her only son wound up dead. Tragically, the head nurse was diagnosed with diabetes.

Is Sonya Eddy Leaving General Hospital?

Sonya Eddy is still part of the General Hospital cast as of 2021. Last year, Cyrus Renault relieved her of her duties as head nurse. It was also revealed that she and Milo had broken up because of his constant traveling. In 2021, Epiphany was reinstated as a head nurse when Cyrus Renault was imprisoned.

Carolyn Hennesy As Diane Miller (since 1981)

The character of Carolyn Hennesy was introduced in 1981. She is Diane Miller, the feisty lady lawyer of Sonny Corinthos. The mob boss hired her after he was accused of shooting Lorenzo Alcazar. Diane also had an affair with Max Giambetti, Sonny’s bodyguard. He unintentionally proposed to her, but she turned him down. In addition, she had a longtime rivalry with another lady lawyer named Alexis Davis. However, they ended up being the best of friends after some time.

Is Carolyn Hennesy Leaving General Hospital?

Carolyn Hennesy is still a part of the General Hospital cast this 2021. Diane Miller, her character, is still busy keeping mob bosses Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan out of jail. She is still facing Alexis Davis as adversaries in the courtroom but the best of friends out of the court. She was rumored to leave the soap opera due to the COVID vaccine mandate implemented in November 2021. However, the actress clarified that she has nothing against getting vaccinated and will not be leaving the show because of it.

Donnell Turner As Curtis Ashford (since 2015)

Curtis Ashford, the character portrayed by Donnell Turner on General Hospital, was introduced in 2015. He worked for the DEA, but he was fired due to his cocaine addiction. Curtis is also friends with Shawn Butler. In addition, he is the uncle of T.J. Ashford, the son of his brother Tommy. Curtis had a past affair with Dr. Portia Robinson, but they broke up because she was married at that time. There have been questions if he is the father of Portia’s child. Later on, Curtis sealed a partnership with Sam, and together they opened a private investigation firm called Ashford and McCall. After some time, Curtis decided to venture on his own and was hired as head security of Aurora.

Is Donnell Turner Leaving General Hospital?

Donnel Turner is staying with the General Hospital cast for the year 2021. His character, Curtis Ashford, has discovered that his wife Jordan had helped Taggert in faking his death. Their marriage ended in divorce. Afterward, he decided to purchase a club and opened the Savoy. Curtis was also shot while trying to rescue Portia. He and his former lover Portia were able to rekindle their romance.

Lexi Ainsworth As Kristina Corinthos-Davis (since 2009)

Lexi Ainsworth is Kristine Corinthos-Davis on the General Hospital cast. Her character is the child of Sonny Corinthos and his lawyer Alexis Davis. She was the product of a one-night stand between her parents. Growing up, Kristine was kept away from her father because of his work as a mob boss. As a teen, she was considered a problem child who spent lots of time drinking at clubs. Kristina is a student at YALE, thanks to her dad, who pulled some strings to get her admitted to the prestigious university.

In addition, she is also the star of a reality show entitled Mob Princess, where she ends up marrying the producer, Trey. Her husband ended up getting killed in a car crash. Later on, she got into a relationship with another woman. It did not sit well with her family, so she was forced to leave town. Years later, she returned after her relationship with Parker ended. Katrina worked for a club and ended up joining a cult. Her family eventually rescued her from the dangerous cult. Afterward, Katrina chose to live a quiet life.

Is Lexi Ainsworth Leaving General Hospital?

In recent years, Lexi’s character Katrina Corinthos Davis has made recurring appearances in the soap opera. However, she is still very much a part of the cast until this year, 2021. In February 2021, she appeared on General Hospital to help her siblings convince their mother Alexis to participate in the memorial for their father, Sonny Corinthos.

James Patrick Stuart As Valentin Cassadine (since 2016)

James Patrick Stuart is Valentin Cassadine on the General Hospital cast. He acquired the role in 2016. Valentin is the child of the show’s most hated villains, Victor and Helena Cassadine. In addition, he is also the stepson of Prince Mikkos Cassadine. At present, Valentin has two children, namely Lulu Spencer and Charlotte Cassadine. His daughter Lulu was conceived through a surrogate. The entire Cassadine family fears Valentin. They see him as the most menacing Cassadine.

Is James Patrick Stuart Leaving General Hospital?

In one of the October episodes of General Hospital, Valentin Cassadine, the character played by James Patrick Stuart, was shot by Peter. The shooting occurred in the Cassadine home in Greece. Valentin acquired serious injuries that required surgery, so he was brought to the US consulate in Greece.

However, the consulate’s medical facilities were unequipped to treat his gunshot wounds. He needed to be transported back to the United States for medical treatment. It left the show’s fans wondering if James Patrick Stuart is leaving the General Hospital cast this 2021. In addition, the actor was also cast in a new series on the Disney Channel. However, the actor has clarified that he has no intentions of leaving the soap opera.

Haley Pullos As Molly Lansing-Davis (since 2009)

Haley Pullos was cast as Molly Lansing-Davis in 2009 and has portrayed the role today. Molly is the child of Ric Lansing with his former wife, attorney Alexis Davis. After her parents’ divorce, she lived with her father. She is a nerd who loves math, and she is often bullied for it. In 2011, Molly had to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Is Haley Pullos Leaving General Hospital?

Haley Pullos is not seen as often in General Hospital, but she is not leaving the soap opera this 2021. Her character, Molly, has just had a commitment ceremony with her boyfriend, TJ. In addition, she has just landed a position at the district attorney’s office. She aims to follow in her mother’s footsteps and work as a lawyer in the future.

While working at the DA’s office, she discovered that some of the rulings of Judge Carson were racially biased. After confronting the judge, she arranged the transfer of Alexis to a minimum-security prison and had TJ’s father released from prison.

Eden McCoy As Josslyn Jacks (since 2015)

Eden McCoy has been Josslyn Jacks on the General Hospital cast since 2015. Josslyn is the child of Jasper Jacks with his former wife, Carly Corinthos. She is a product of a miracle pregnancy since her mother has suffered from several miscarriages in the past. At an early age, Josslyn had to undergo a kidney transplant. Later, she discovered that her father had purchased the kidney on the black market for her. Molly’s first love is Oscar Nero, who later died due to a brain tumor.

Is Eden McCoy Leaving General Hospital?

Actress Eden McCoy is off to college this year, and she has just gotten off contract, so there have been speculations if she will be leaving the General Hospital cast to focus on her education. There is no truth to these rumors because Eden will be enrolling at the University of Southern California. She will still be able to work while getting her college degree.

Kathleen Gati As Dr. Liesl Obrecht (since 2012),

Dr. Liesl Obrecht, portrayed by Kathleen Gati, is the director at the clinic in Switzerland where Dr. Robin Scorpio is imprisoned by Cesar Faison. Later on, the storyline revealed that Dr. Obrecht is the mother of the villainous Dr. Britt Westbourne, whose father is Cesar Faison. The scheming Dr. Obrecht impregnated Britt with the embryo from Lulu Falconeri and Dante in the hopes of winning the heart of Robin’s husband.

Dr. Obrecht is also the rival of Anna Devane. Later on, the villainous doctor becomes the chief of staff of General Hospital. It was revealed that she is the mother of Detective Nathan West.

Is Kathleen Gati Leaving General Hospital?

There have been speculations that Kathleen Gati will be leaving General Hospital. It came about after her character, Dr. Obrecht, was found handcuffed with an arrow wound by her daughter Dr. Britt. She manages to pull out the arrow and treat her mother’s wounds. It appears that Dr. Obrecht was trying to leave the country with Baldwin when Victor Cassadine drugged her. She was kidnapped and shot with an arrow by Peter August after refusing to meet his demand to help him get back together with Maxie Jones. Despite the near-death situation the character has been through, Dr. Obrecht has managed to survive the ordeal. It means that Kathleen Gati will remain with the General Hospital cast.

Tristan Rogers As Robert Scorpio (since 1981)

Tristan Rogers portrays Robert Scorpio, an Australian who came to Port Charles in 1981. He followed Luke Spencer in the hopes of finding the rare diamond called the Ice Princess. It was revealed that Robert was a WSB agent, and eventually, he and Luke became friends. When Robert retired from the WSB, he became the police commissioner of Port Charles. He was previously married to Anna DeVane while still working at the WSB. They have a daughter named Anna. He was also married to Holly, who was presumed to be dead in a plane crash.

Is Tristan Rogers Leaving General Hospital?

Tristan Rogers has just reprised his role as Robert Scorpio in August 2021. The favorite spy is back, and so is Peter, who is back from the dead. Robert is set out to prove that Peter is a bad guy. Fans are also hoping that Robert will solve the mystery surrounding his ex-wife Holly.

Kristina Wagner As Felicia Jones (since 1983)

Kristina Wagner is Felicia Jones on General Hospital. The character of Felicia is an Aztec princess who came to Port Charles in the quest to find a precious ring. She has two daughters with Frisco Jones, the love of her life. Frisco is a WSB agent who chose his work as a spy over his family. Years later, Felicia married Mac Scorpio, the police commissioner of Port Charles. She left her daughters to return to Mexico after her grandmother became terminally ill. Sadly, her daughter Georgie died, forcing her to return to Port Charles and find her daughter’s killer. After several years, she remarried her former husband, Mac Scorpio.

Is Kristina Wagner Leaving General Hospital?

In April, Kristina Wagner returned to General Hospital for the special tribute for John Reilly, who passed away in early 2021. At present, the character of Kristina is spending her time with her husband, daughter, and granddaughter.

Wes Ramsey As Peter August (since 2017)

Peter August has been portrayed by Wes Ramsey on General Hospital since 2017. He is the child of the soap’s notorious villains, Dr. Alex Devane and Cesar Faison. Eventually, he became a villain like his parents. Peter has been responsible for the disappearance of Jason Morgan for five years. Morgan was later presumed dead. The villainous Peter also caused the disappearance of Drew Cain for two years. In addition, he also caused the demise of Franco Baldwin.

Is Wes Ramsey Leaving General Hospital?

The character played by Wes Ramsey died, which sparked rumors that he would be leaving the General Hospital cast. However, in the recent episodes, it was discovered that his cadaver had disappeared from the morgue freezer. There are no traces of blood. In August, Peter finally revealed himself and proved that he was not leaving the soap after all. Peter still stalks Maxie Jones obsessively and now goes by the name Peter Sinclair.

Josh Swickard As Harrison Chase (since 2018)

Harrison Chase, portrayed by Josh Swickard, is the child of famous journalist Jackie Templeton and Professor Gregory Chase. He was assigned as the new partner of Danter Falconeri after Detective Nathan West died. Later on, he discovered that Dr. Hamilton Finn is his half-brother. He has a past relationship with Nelle Benson. Eventually, Harrison discovers that his mother had a one-night stand with Finn before her wedding and could be his father. A paternity test reveals that Finn is his father, but he was not willing to accept it. The story unfolded that Cyrus Renault tampered with the paternity test. The truth is that Gregory is his birth father and not Finn.

Is Josh Swickard Leaving General Hospital?

Josh Swickard is not leaving the General Hospital cast since his character has so much in store for him. His character was on his deathbed in June due to a serious disease. He proposed to his girlfriend Willow, and they got married, thinking that he would die soon. Just as his heart stopped beating, Finn and Gregory were able to give him the cure. Chase survived, but he could no longer walk. Later, he discovers that his wife Willow is sleeping with Michael. Eventually, Chase can walk, and so he confronts his wife and her lover.

Lynn Herring As Lucy Coe (since 1986)

Lucy Coe, portrayed by Lynn Herring, is the mistress of ceremonies and the co-founder of the Nurse’s Ball. She has been married many times in her life. Her string of husbands includes Dr. Alan Quartermaine, Dr. Kevin Collins, Dr. Tony Jones, and Scott Baldwin. She has adopted daughters named Christina and Serena. Lucy is also an entrepreneur and owns a real estate business in Port Charles.

Is Lynn Herring Leaving General Hospital?

Lynn Herring is not leaving General Hospital since her character has a lot happening in her storyline this 2021. Lucy Coe has just relaunched Deception and hired Sasha Gilmore as her partner. She also hired Maxie Jones, who left her job at Crimson. However, her partner was not very pleased to know that Valentin Cassadine funded Lucy’s business. Later, Sasha became pregnant and feared that she might lose her job. It gave Lucy the idea to launch a cosmetic line for pregnant women.

Jon Lindstrom As Dr. Kevin Collins (since 1992)

Dr. Kevin Collins, played by Jon Lindstrom, came to Port Charles in 1993 to learn about the case of his twin brother Ryan Chamberlain. His twin was a serial killer imprisoned at Pentonville. Dr. Collins is the psychiatrist at General Hospital. He is also an ordained minister and a book author. Laura Spencer is his wife. His twin brother has wreaked havoc in his life and the people around him through the years.

Is Jon Lindstrom Leaving General Hospital?

There have been rumors in July 2021 that Jon Lindstrom will be leaving the General Hospital cast. It was after an alleged leaked script appeared on the internet. According to the leaked script, Lindstrom’s character, Dr. Kevin Collins, will be caught hiding the fact that his twin Ryan is not paralyzed.

Laura Spencer could not accept the truth that her husband is protecting a serial killer, so she divorces him. Dr. Collins rekindles his love for Lucy Coe, and they leave Port Charles. That may be the storyline for his character, but it has never been confirmed that Jon Lindstrom is leaving the soap opera.

Kelly Thiebaud As Britt Westbourne (since 2012)

Kelly Thiebaud is Britt Westbourne on General Hospital. The character of Britt is the child of one of the most hated villains on the soap, Dr. Liesl Obrecht and Cesar Faison. Detective Nathan West is her brother, but he is already deceased. She also has a half-brother identified as Henrik Faison. Her best friend is Brad Cooper. She got pregnant with Brad’s baby, but she told everyone that Patrick was the father. Britt is known for being very manipulative and tenacious.

Is Kelly Thiebaud Leaving General Hospital?

Kelly Thiebaud has just renewed her contract in 2020, so she is here to stay. Her character Britt Westbourne searched for her mother, Dr. Liesl Obrecht, who is believed to be in Greece. She enlists the help of Jason Morgan, who gets seriously injured in the process. Britt ends up getting trapped on an island in Greece with Peter, her half-brother.

Chloe Lanier As Nelle Benson (since 2015)

The character, Nelle Benson, portrayed by Chloe Lanier, was introduced in 2015. She was a school teacher who sold her kidney on the black market to save the life of her niece Josslyn. It was later revealed that she is the biological child of Nina Reeves and Dr. Silas Clay. She is also the adopted half-sibling of Carly Corinthos. Nelle is in a relationship with Michael, the son of Carly.

Is Chloe Lanie Leaving General Hospital?

Chloe Lanier is no longer a part of the General Hospital cast. The actress has decided not to renew her contract. Her character Nelle was killed off in the soap opera’s storyline. Carly and Nelle get into an altercation in the woods, where Nelle ends up falling to her death from the edge of a cliff.

Katelyn MacMullen As Willow Tait (since 2018)

Katelyn MacMullen is Willow Tait, a grade school teacher in Port Charles. It is later revealed that Willow is the biological mother of the baby boy that Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper had adopted. It turns out that she was a former member of the cult called Dawn of Day. The leader of the cult is the father of her baby. However, her real baby had died, and Brad had swapped him with the son of Nelle Benson. She finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between Harrison Chase and Corinthos.

Is Katelyn MacMullen Leaving General Hospital?

The character portrayed by Katelyn MacMullen is not leaving the General Hospital cast anytime soon. Willow Tait has just admitted to Harrison Chase that she loves Michael Corinthos and not him. She is also training as a nurse. In addition, her mother, Harmony, is trying to reconcile with her. Her mother hopes that she can have a relationship with Willow and her son Wiley.

Briana Henry As Jordan Ashford (since 2018)

Briana Henry has been Jordan Ashford in General Hospital since 2018. Jordan is the widow of Tommy Ashford Sr. She was forced to send her son, TJ Ashford, to live with Shawn Butler because she was arrested for drug trafficking and imprisoned for two years. However, her son did not know that it was part of her work as an undercover DEA agent. Later she was relieved from her DEA post but was offered a position at the PCPD. It was also revealed that Jordan had an affair with Shawn, and her deceased husband Tommy found out and confronted Shawn. The confrontation ended with Shawn fatally shooting Tommy. In addition, it was also discovered that Shawn is the birth father of her son TJ.

Is Briana Henry Leaving General Hospital?

Actress Briana Henry did not renew her contract with General Hospital this 2021. She has decided to follow a new path in her career. Her character, Jordan Ashford, made her final appearance on the soap opera’s September 13, 2021 episode. Jordan and Portia were kidnapped, but they managed to survive. Her final scene shows her making her farewells to her friends and family before being wheeled away.

Sean Blakemore As Shawn Butler (since 2003)

Shawn Butler is a retired US Marine officer who had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. He was assigned to Afghanistan, where he became friends with Tommy Ashford. At first, it was revealed that Shawn killed Tommy in a friendly fire accident. However, the story later revealed that he shot Tommy during a confrontation after discovering that Shawn had an affair with his wife Jordan in the past. Much later, it was revealed that Shawn was the birth father of Jordan’s son TJ Ashford.

Is Sean Blakemore Leaving General Hospital?

Sean Blakemore has just signed his contract with General Hospital last April 2021. The actor playing Shawn Blake is not leaving the soap opera anytime soon. Shawn is first seen in an April 2021 episode where he is revealed to be the new cellmate of Jason Morgan in prison.

Parry Shen As Brad Cooper (since 2013)

Parry Shen plays the Chinese, gay character of Brad Cooper. In 2014, Brad was revealed as the great-grandchild of Mr. Wu and the son of Kim Wu. He found out that he was adopted. His family is the Wu Family, who are connected with the mob. Later, he married Lucas Jones. However, Lucas left him when he discovered that Brad helped Nelle switch her dead son to Lucas’ great-nephew. In 2020, Sonny was imprisoned with a 15 to 40 years sentence after Sonny Corinthos forced him to admit to the kidnapping of Wiley.

Is Parry Shen Leaving General Hospital?

Even if the character portrayed by Parry Shen on the General Hospital cast was sent to prison, it does not mean that the actor will be leaving the soap opera. He has appeared recurrently on some episodes. In October 2021, it was revealed that the hearing for Brad’s parole is underway. This means that the actor will be making more appearances on the soap opera.

Cynthia Watros As Nina Reeves (since 2019)

Cynthia Watros is Nina Reeves on General Hospital. Her character is the editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine, Crimson. Nina is also the heiress to a vast fortune from her parents. Her mother is the socialite Madeline Reeves. Nina remarried his former husband, Valentin Cassadine. She has a stepdaughter named Charlotte. In addition, she also has discovered that she has a biological daughter named Sasha. The feisty Nina survived a 20-year coma that her mother induced so that she would miscarry Silas’ baby.

Is Cynthia Watros Leaving General Hospital?

The character played by Cynthia Watros has discovered that Nelle, who is now deceased, is her daughter. Nelle died after falling from a cliff during a confrontation with Carly. In the recent October 2021 episodes, Nina faces legal trouble, and Carly is out to get her. It has made fans consider the possibility that Nina will be exiting the soap opera. However, this has not been confirmed.

Chad Brannon As Zander Smith (since 2000)

Chad Brannon plays the character of Zander Smith on the soap opera. Zander is a drug dealer who works for the mob. While being hunted for the murder of a cop and Emily Quartermaine, he takes Emily Quartermaine hostage. The two eventually fall in love while on the run. On the other hand, Zander is the real father of Cameron Webber.

The mother of his son is Elizabeth Webber, who is now married to Franco Baldwin. In 2004, Zander allegedly died in a hotel fire. However, he was later discovered alive. He pursued Emily, but she refused because she was afraid of his unstable mental state. When the cops arrived, Zander made a move for a cop’s gun, so he was shot to death.

Is Chad Brannon Leaving General Hospital?

The character played by actor Chad Brannon was already killed off in 2004. However, in February 2021, the executives announced that actor Chad Brannon would be returning to the General Hospital cast. At first, it was unclear if he was returning as Zander Smith or as another character. All the speculations were cleared up when Brad made his first appearance in March 2021. He came back as the ghost of Zander. He appeared to his son Cameron to offer him comfort after the death of his stepfather, Franco.

Hayley Erin As Kiki Jerome (since 2015)

Hayley Finn plays the role of Kiki Jerome at General Hospital. Kiki is the child of Dr. Silas Clay and his former mistress Ava Jerome. At the time she was conceived, her father was a married man. On the other hand, her mobster mom made people believe that Franco was her father. Her full name is Lauren Katherine Jerome, but her mother called her Kiki, and everybody else followed. Kiki works as a nurse aide at General Hospital while attending medical school. She treats Franco as her real father. Nelle Benson is revealed to be her sister.

Is Haley Finn Leaving General Hospital?

The character played by Hayley Finn on the General Hospital cast was killed off in November 2018. Ryan Chamberlain killed her. Although she is dead, she still appears on the show as a ghost. Ava, her mother, hired a psychic to contact the spirit of Kiki. She hoped that she could ask for forgiveness from Kiki.

William Lipton As Cameron Webber (since 2018)

William Lipton portrays the character of Cameron Webber, who is the child of Nurse Elizabeth Webber and Zander Smith. He was the product of a one-night-stand. The young Cameron was raised by Lucky Spencer, who he treats like his real father. His mother later married Franco Baldwin, who he hated at first. Franco saved him from Dr. Arthur Cabot and Hank Archer, which made him change his feelings towards his stepfather. His best friend is Oscar Nero, who later died from a brain tumor. He lost another friend, Dev Cerci, in the explosion at the Floating Rib.



Is William Lipton Leaving General Hospital?

William Lipton is currently off-contract from the soap opera. However, this does not mean that he will be leaving the General Hospital cast. The teen actor is now in college and enrolled at the University of Southern California. He may prefer to stay off contract so that he can give more time to his studies. Even if he is no longer under contract, he may still appear recurrently on the soap opera.

Sofia Mattsson As Sasha Gilmore (since 2018)

Sofia Mattsson is Sasha Gilmore, who was first introduced as the child of Dr. Silas Clay and his former wife, Nina Reeves. As the story unfolded, it was revealed that Valentin Cassadine hired Sasha to act as the child of Nina. Sasha was forced to accept Valentin’s offer because she needed to pay for her grandmother’s medical expenses.

Is Sofia Mattsson Leaving General Hospital?

Sofia Mattsson has just given birth to a baby boy in August 2021 and has not been seen in the soap opera for some time. However, this does not mean that the actress is leaving the General Hospital Cast. The truth is that the new mom was on maternity leave a few weeks after giving birth. As of October 2021, the actress is back from her leave and ready to go back to filming.

Real Andrews As Marcus Taggert (since 1996)

Real Andrews portrays Marcus Tagger, who has had a troubled life in Brooklyn. There he met police officer Deke Woods, the stepfather of Sonny Corinthos, who helped him get past his troubles. Deke inspired him to become a police officer like him. Sadly, Deke was shot to death by Sonny Corinthos. Marcus is set on getting revenge for the death of his beloved mentor.

Is Real Andrews Leaving General Hospital?

Real Andrews is not leaving General Hospital. However, he exited the show in January 2021, but it was only temporary. Asante Jones temporarily portrayed his character, Marcus Taggert. Real Andrews returned to reprise his role on the soap opera in April 2021.

Marc Anthony Samuel As Felix Dubois (since 2012)

Marc Anthony is Felix Dubois at General Hospital. His openly gay character was initially introduced as the best friend of fellow General Hospital nurse Sabrina Santiago. Felix assists Sabrina in the preparations for the Nurse’s Ball. He was also the one who helped Sabrina in uncovering the lies of Dr. Britt Westbourne. Sadly, his best friend is now deceased. In addition, he has a sister named Taylor Dubois.

Is Marc Anthony Samuel Leaving General Hospital?

Marc Anthony Samuel got off his contract in November 2014, and he was placed on a recurring status. He has appeared several times on the soap opera through the years. However, his status changed in March 2020 when the soap opera executives announced that he would be returning permanently to the General Hospital cast.

Nathaniel Harris As Sergeant Nathaniel Robinson (since 2006)

Nathaniel Harries plays the role of Sergeant Nathaniel Robinson. He is a police officer of the Port Charles Police Department. The trustworthy front desk officer at the police station. He is often the guy that handles the concerns of anyone who visits the station.


Is Nathaniel Harris Leaving General Hospital?

Nathaniel Harries is not leaving the General Hospital cast. He has been on the recurring status on the soap opera since 2006. It means that his character will be seen from time to time in the soap opera.

Marcus Coloma As Nikolas Cassadine (since 2019)

Nikolas Cassadine, the character portrayed by Marcus Coloma, is a Greek prince. He is the child of Laura Spencer and Stavros Cassadine. In addition, he has a half-brother named Lucky Spencer. His mother, Laura, was forced to marry his father. She was held captive in Greece but was able to escape. Nikolas is the grandson of the very scheming Helena Cassadine, who manages to wreak havoc on his life constantly.


Is Marcus Coloma Leaving General Hospital?

Marcus Coloma temporarily left the General Hospital cast in September 2021. The reason for his temporary leave is unknown. Adam Huss temporarily filled in his role. Marcus’ leave was only for a short period because he returned to the soap opera by the end of September 2021.

Sydney Mikayla As Trina Robinson (since 2019)

Sydney Mikayla is Trina Robinson at General Hospital. Her character is the child of Dr. Portia Robinson and Lt. Marcus Taggert. She is best of friends with Josslyn Jacks and Cameron Webber. At first, she was portrayed as a wild party girl. However, she shows her good side by supporting Cameron and Josslyn as they deal with the terminal illness of Oscar Nero.


Is Sydney Mikayla Leaving General Hospital?

Sydney Mikayla is not leaving General Hospital even if she is already off-contract. She is now on a recurring status. It may be her preference since she has just started attending college at UCLA. Her current status will give her more time for her studies. Even if she only appears recurrently, her character is still a big part of the storyline. In the recent episodes, it has been hinted that her birth father is Marcus Taggert.

Scarlett Fernandez As Charlotte Cassadine (since 2016)

Scarlett Fernandez plays Charlotte Cassadine on General Hospital. Charlotte is the child of Lulu Spencer and Valentin Cassadine through IVF. Claudette Beaulieu was the surrogate who Charlotte believed was her birth mother at first. It was only later that it was revealed that Lulu was her biological mother. In addition, Charlotte has a half-brother from her mother’s side named Rocco Falconeri. Her half-brother was also born through a surrogate.

Is Scarlett Fernandez Leaving General Hospital?

Scarlett Fernandez first appeared in General Hospital in 2016 on a recurring status. In March 2021, the actress returned to the show on permanent status. However, in May 2021, it was announced that Scarlett had broken both of her arms in an accident. She had to undergo surgery which meant that she had to take a temporary leave. Luckily, by October 2021, the actress was able to fully recover and resume filming for General Hospital.

Jeff Kober As Cyrus Renault (since 2020)

Jeff Kober is the notorious Cyrus Renault on General Hospital. His character is the child of Florence and Gordon Grey. He is the brother of Attorney Martin Grey and the half-brother of Mayor Laura Collins. Cyrus is a drug lord from Washington who operates his business from prison. He was put behind bars for the crimes he committed in the past. His drug business is more extensive than that of Sonny Corinthos, who feels threatened by him. In 2020, he was released from prison.

Is Jeff Kober Leaving General Hospital?

Jeff Kober had already left General Hospital in June 2016. However, he has appeared several times as Cyrus even if he has already exited the show. He made a brief appearance in two episodes in August 2021. Furthermore, he appeared again in a couple of episodes in October 2021.

John Reilly As Sean Donely (since 1984)

John Reilly plays Sean Donely in the soap opera. Sean is the husband of Tiffany Hill and the father of Anna Donely. Their daughter was named after Anna Devane, their very close friend. He was the former boss of Robert Scorpio at WSB. The former agent also became the police commissioner of Port Charles. Even when he left Port Charles to raise his child and recover from a gunshot wound inflicted by Luke Spencer, his former colleagues still sought his advice.

Is John Reilly Leaving General Hospital?

Sadly, the actor John Reilly will no longer return to General Hospital because he has passed away in January 2021. In May 2021, General Hospital aired a tribute episode in honor of the actor. The episode featured the actor’s real-life daughter Caitlin Reilly. Characters who have exited the show long ago have also returned for the actor’s tribute. In the episode, Tiffany and Connor scatter Sean Donely’s ashes in his favorite village in Ireland.

Denise Alexander As Dr. Lesley Webber (since 1965)

Denise Alexander plays the role of Dr. Lesley Webber, a cardiologist at General Hospital. She has a daughter named Laura, who she initially thought was already dead. In addition, she was formerly married to Cameron Faulkner and Dr. Rick Webber. Her daughter Laura had a mental breakdown and was institutionalized, so Lesley had to raise her granddaughter Lulu on her own.

Is Denise Alexander Leaving General Hospital?

Actress Denise Alexander has appeared sporadically on the soap opera since 1996. In January 2021, the network executives announced that Denise would return to General Hospital to reprise her role as Dr. Lesley Webber. She first made her appearance in the January 2021 episode.

Amanda Setton As Brook Lyn Quartermaine (since 2019)

Amanda Setton is Brook Lyn Quartermaine at General Hospital. Her character is the child of Lois Cerullo and Ned Quartermaine. However, her parents were already separated when she was born. She was named after Brooklyn in New York, where her parents had many happy memories. Her father, Ned, is the owner of ELQ Enterprises. Brook Lyn is a singer like her dad, and she often goes on concert tours. However, she lost her ability to sing when Nelle Benson slashed her throat.

Is Amanda Setton Leaving General Hospital?

Amanda Setton is still a part of the General Hospital cast as of 2021. She left the soap opera briefly in August 2020 to go on maternity leave. Actress Briana Lane replaced her. In February 2021, the network executives announced that Amanda would be returning to General Hospital. She first appeared on the March episode after seven months of maternity leave.

Max Gail As Mike Corbin (since 2018)

Mike Corbin, played by Max Gail, is the father of Sonny Corinthos and Courtney Matthews. Both of his children were estranged from him at the start. Sonny blamed him for the death of his mother, Adela. He believed that her mother would not have been killed by her abusive husband if Mike had not abandoned them. Mike only reunited with Sonny when he was already an adult and working for the mob. Additionally, Mike has always had a gambling problem which jeopardized his marriage and placed him in debt.

Is Max Gail Leaving General Hospital?

Max Gail had already declared in July 2020 that he would be leaving the General Hospital cast. His character, Mike Corbin, was killed off in September 2020. However, the actor still appeared in several more episodes of the show in 2020. In October and December 2020, he appeared as a ghost in a couple of episodes. He once again made ghostly appearances in July and September 2021 episodes.

Emma Samms As Holly Sutton (since 1982)

Emma Samms portrays Holly Sutton, a professional con artist. She is the former wife of agent Robert Scorpio. In the past, she had an affair with Luke Spencer, which bore a child named Ethan Lovett. In addition, she has a half-sister named Paloma, a revolutionary who looks exactly like her. Holly was thought to be dead in 1987, but she was revealed to be alive in 1992. She had fallen into a coma for several years, and her family hid her from Robert. Later, she was imprisoned for jewelry theft.

Is Emma Samms Leaving General Hospital?

Emma Samms has appeared and disappeared from General Hospital through the years. At one point, she disappeared from the show for thirteen years only to return in 2006. In September 2020, she once again appeared in the series after it was revealed that she was alive after all. In March 2021, General Hospital announced that the actress would be returning. The storyline will be about the time of her captivity and supposed death.

Sharon Wyatt As Tiffany Hill (since 1981)

Actress Sharon Wyatt portrays Tiffany Hill. She was a struggling actress in Greece when she met Luke and Robert, who were hunting Mikkos Cassadine. At that time, Tiffany was in a relationship with Valentin Cassadine. After Mikkos was killed, Tiffany moved to Port Charles. She became best friends with Luke’s wife, Laura, and she is the godmother to their daughter Lulu. Tiffany is married to Sean Donely, and they have a child named Anna Donely. Her entire family left Charles when Sean was severely injured in a gunfight and needed treatment in Boston. They only returned in 2008 when Robert became gravely ill with cancer.

Is Sharon Wyatt Leaving General Hospital?

Sharon Wyatt has visited the General Hospital cast on several occasions through the years. Her latest appearances were in May 2021. She appeared in the memorial tribute episodes for Sean Donely, her husband, on the soap opera. She was seen calling Anna to inform her that Sean had passed away. In another episode, Tiffany spreads her husband’s ashes together with Conner. Laura and Tiffany converse on the phone. Shortly after that, Laura gets kidnapped. The kidnapping was a final test for Anne before she became a WSB agent. Anne is given the same ID number as that of her deceased father.

Brook Kerr As Dr. Portia Robinson (since 2020)

Brook Kerr is Dr. Portia Robinson at General Hospital. She is married to Lt. Marcus Taggert, who she believes prioritized his work over his family. They have a daughter named Trina. While Marcus was away on a mission, Portia had an affair with Curtis Ashford. There have been speculations that Curtis is the birth father of Trina. The lady doctor used to work for Mercy Hospital before she transferred to General Hospital. Marcus, her husband, was killed while she was away on a trip. Trina blames Curtis for the death of her father, while others suspect that Cyrus Renault was responsible.

Is Brook Kerr Leaving General Hospital?

Brook Kerr is not leaving General Hospital because she is still under contract. She was placed under contract when she joined the soap opera in 2020. Heer name will be seen under the mainstay actors of General Hospital credits.

Johnny Wactor As Brando Corbin (since 2020)

Johnny Wactor plays Brando Corbin, the son of Gladys Corbin. Brando is involved in a scheme where Sonny Corinthos makes him appear that he is the father of Dev Cerci. Sonny pays Gladys to agree to the plot. They make up a story that Brando married in Iraq and had a son, which he brought back to America. However, Gladys believes that Brando died in Iraq. The truth is that he is alive and working at the warehouse of Sonny. Later, Sonny offers him a job at Xtreme Motors Garage, but Cyrus blackmails him into working as his driver.

Is Johnny Wactor Leaving General Hospital?

Johnny Wactor is not leaving General Hospital this 2021. His character has a lot in store on the storyline. He is finally together with Sasha, and they are expecting a baby together. Cyrus is already in prison. Brando chose to focus on his new family rather than working for the Corinthos. He wants a new life away from the mob for Sasha and their baby.

Vernee Watson As Stella Henry (since 2013)

Stella Henry, portrayed by Vernee Watson, is the great aunt of TJ Ashford. At first, she is unaware that the birth father of TJ is Shawn Butler. Marcus is her old flame, and they reconciled at some point. Stella was the one who convinced Ryan Chamberlain to donate his kidney to Jordan Ashford after she got into a car accident.

Is Vernee Watson Leaving General Hospital?

The character portrayed by Vernee Watson disappeared for a while in 2019 after she traveled to England to be with her cousin Wanda. In June 2021, Stella returned to General Hospital, where she warned Portia about getting involved with Curtis. In August 2021, she had a stroke and lost the paperwork for Jordan’s divorce that she had stolen earlier. Stella stayed with a friend in Baltimore while recovering from her stroke. General Hospital Cast Who Are No Longer With Us

Tyler Christopher As Nikolas Cassadine From 1996 To 2016

The role of Nikolas Cassadine was initially played by Tyler Christopher when it was conceptualized in 1996. However, in 1999 he decided to leave the soap opera to pursue other opportunities. Stephen Martines took over the role of Nikolas. In 2003, Martines was taken off contract after negotiations failed. It was announced in 2010 that Tyler would return to reprise his role. In March 2011, Tyler had been once again taken off contract and left the show. However, in 2013 he was given a long-term contract which lasted until 2016. His contract negotiations failed, so he was taken off the soap opera. The actor had worked on various projects after leaving the General Hospital cast. However, in February 2021, he was arrested and imprisoned for public intoxication.

Jason Thompson As Dr. Patrick Drake From 2005 To 2016

Jason Thompson is Dr. Patrick Drake, the child of Dr. Noah Drake and Mattie Drake. His wife is Dr. Robin Scorpio, and they have two children named Noah and Emma. Robert Scorpio is his father-in-law. Jason portrayed this character for ten years before deciding to leave the show in 2016. After leaving the General Hospital cast, Jason joined the cast of The Young And The Restless as Billy Abbott. In 2020, he won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role.

Julie Berman As Lulu Spencer From 2005 To 2013

Julie Berman portrays Lulu Spencer, the child of one of General Hospital’s most loved couples, Luke and Laura Spencer. Lulu from GH played the role until 2013, when she left the soap opera. Emme Rylan replaced her. After leaving General Hospital, Julie starred in Chicago Med. She also ventured into comedy and joined the cast of the comedy series Casual. In February 2019, she gave birth to her first child, a baby boy.

Anthony Geary As Luke Spencer From 1978 To 2018

Anthony Geary started appearing as Luke Spencer in 1978. Luke is the child of Tim and Lena Spencer. His father was an alcoholic. Luke had accidentally killed her mother and then intentionally killed his father. Luke has two kids, namely Lulu Spencer and Lucky Spencer. Caroline or Carly Spencer is his sister. Anthony left his role as Luke in 2017 when he decided to retire from acting. At present, the actor is living in Amsterdam. He has not stopped acting but plans to work and write on theater and movie projects.

Brandon Barash As Johnny Zacchara From 2007 To 2016

Brandon Barash is Johnny Zacchara, the offspring of Gino Soleito, a drug lord from New York. His mother is Claudia Zacchara, who he initially thought was his sister. Johnny is part of the Zacchara organization that his grandfather initially headed. Barash first left the soap opera in 2013 but returned in 2014 for a few episodes. In 2015, he returned for an extended period but made his final appearance in January 2016. After leaving the General Hospital cast, he joined the cast of Days Of Our Lives as Stefan. He has also separated from his former wife and General Hospital co-star, Kirsten Storms. At present, he has just made public his romance with Isabella Devoto.

Tamara Braun As Carly Corinthos From 2001 To 2019

Tamara Braun played the role of Carly Corinthos in 2001. Sarah Brown previously played the role. Carly is the product of a one-night stand between Attorney John Durant and Nurse Bobbie Spencer. When Sonny was out of the picture, Carly became the mob boss. In 2005, Tamara exited the soap opera to work on other projects. She worked on other soap operas such as All My Children and Days Of Our Lives.

In 2017, Tamara rejoined the General Hospital cast but this time with the role of Kim Nero. She once again exited the show in 2019. At present, she is still a part of Days Of Our Lives and can be seen in several theater plays.

Rick Hearst As Ric Lansing From 2002 To 2016

Rick Hearst portrayed Ric Lansing starting in 2002. Ric is the son of a mob boss and lawyer, Trevor Lansing, with his mistress Adela Corinthos. He is the half-brother of mobster Sonny Corinthos. Rick played the role from 2002 to 2009 and returned in 2014. He made his last appearance in 2016. Today, Rick can still be seen on television and the big screen in projects such as Guiding Light, Full Count, Ambitions, Dynasty, Daytime Divas, and many more.

Greg Vaughan As Lucky Spencer From 2003 To 2009

Greg Vaughan as Lucky Spencer on the General Hospital cast. Lucky is the son of Luke and Laura Spencer, one of the soap’s most loved couples. In addition, he used to be married to Nurse Elizabeth Webber, and they had three sons, namely Aiden, Cameron, and Jake. Jonathan Jackson initially portrayed the role in 1993. Greg stepped in to take the role in 2002. In 2009, Greg decided not to renew his contract and exit the soap opera for good. His role was Lucky Spencer was taken over by its original owner, Jonathan Jackson. Today, Greg can be seen on the soap Days of Our Lives as Eric Brady.

Billy Miller As Jason Morgan From 2014 To 2019

Billy Miller plays the character of Jason Morgan, who is the son of Dr. Alan Quartermaine and his mistress Susan Moore. He is the adopted son of Dr. Monica Quartermaine, and he has an identical twin named Drew Cain. In May 2019, Billy’s character was taken off-screen temporarily since his character went off to Mt. Kilimanjaro.

A month later, it was rumored that the actor would be leaving the General Hospital cast for good. By August 2019, Billy made his last appearance on the series. However, there have been rumors circulating that the actor will be returning to General Hospital in 2021. There are no details yet if he will be reprising his old role or getting a new one.

Alicia Leigh Willis As Courtney Matthews From 2001 To 2020

Courtney Matthews, played by Alicia Leigh Willis, is the child of Mike Corbin and Janine Matthews. She is also the half-sister of mobster Sonny Corinthos. In 2006, Alicia decided not to renew her contract. Instead of recasting the role of Courtney, she was killed off. Her final scenes were aired in February 2006. Even if her character is already dead, Alicia has made a few appearances in General Hospital, but this time as a ghostly apparition. She was last seen in September 2020 as she fetched the soul of her father, Mike Corbin. At present, Alicia has just released her latest movie entitled Her Boyfriend’s Deadly Secret.

Natalia Livingston As Emily Bowen Quartermaine From 2003 To 2009

Natalia Livingston is Emily Bowen Quartermaine on the General Hospital cast. Emily is the child of Hank and Paige Bowen. She is the adopted daughter of Dr. Alan Quartermaine and Dr. Monica Quartermaine. In addition, she has an identical twin named Rebecca Shaw. Natalia played the role of Emily until her character was killed off in 2007. Afterward, she made a few appearances on the soap in 2013 and 2014.

Today, the actress is based in Atlanta and is no longer active in her acting career. She is focused on raising her two kids and the business that she established.

Robin Christopher As Skye Quartermaine From 2001 To 2012

Skye Quartermaine, played by Robin Christopher, is the adopted child of Dr. Alan Quartermaine. Her biological father is Rae Cummings. In addition, she was illegally adopted by Althea Peterson and Adam Chandler. Actress Robin Christopher left the General Hospital cast in 2010 but returned to appear in several episodes in 2011 and 2012. Today, Robin is spending most of her time with her husband and son and Los Angeles. She has not been seen in any recent shows or movies. Some of her past work included Star trek and Bodies of Evidence.

Ted King As Lorenzo Alcazar From 2002 To 2007

Ted King plays the character of Lorenzo Alcazar, an international arms dealer. He is linked to international mobs and government agencies. He came to Port Charles to avenge the death of his brother Luis Alcazar. Later, he got romantically involved with Carly Corinthos. He also discovered that he has a son named Diego with his past lover, Maria Sanchez.

Ted left the show in 2007 after stating that he did not like how his character’s story was unfolding. There seems to be no reason why he stays angry at Sonny and yet does nothing about it. After leaving the General Hospital cast, he appeared in One Life To Live as Tomas Delgado. Today, Ted can be seen on the soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful with the role of Jack Finnegan.

John Ingle As Edward Quartermaine From 1993 To 2012

John Ingle is Edward Quartermaine on the General Hospital cast. He is the spouse of Lila Quartermaine. In addition, he is the patriarch of the illustrious Quartermaine family. He is the CEO and founder of ELQ Enterprises and is considered one of Port Charles’ wealthiest citizens. The character has gone through many trials, such as stroke, amnesia, and several heart attacks. In addition, he was also confined to a mental asylum by his daughter. Actor John Ingle played the role of Edward until his death in September 2012. His final scenes were aired in September 2012.

Stuart Damon As Dr. Alan Quartermaine From 1977 To 2018

Stuart Damon is Dr. Alan Quartermaine, the son of Edward and Lila of the wealthy Quartermaine family. He used to have a drug addiction to Hydrocodone. Tracy Quartermaine is his sister, who is also spoiled like him. Alan has a daughter named Skye from an affair he had with Rae Cummings while still a medical student. Edward, his father, kidnapped the infant and sold it on the black market.

Actor Stuart Damon first exited General Hospital in 2007 when he was fired. He had spent thirty years on the soap opera at that time. His character was killed off in the storyline. However, in the following years, he still appears as a ghost in some of the episodes. He made his final ghostly appearance at General Hospital in 2013. Sadly, the General Hospital veteran passed away in June 2021 at the age of 84.

Michelle Stafford As Nina Reeves From 2014 To 2019

Michelle Stafford originally played the role of Nina Reeves in 2014. She is the child of Mr. Reeves and Madeline Reeves. She has a younger brother named Nathan, who she adores. Additionally, she used to be married to Silas Clay and Valentin Cassadine. Later, she is revealed to be the mother of Nelle Banson.

In 2019, actress Michelle Stafford exited General Hospital to reprise her role on Young and Restless. The role of Nina was recast with Cynthia Watros. Today, she is still part of the soap opera and owns her skincare line called Skin Nation. It offers cruelty-free and organic skincare products.

Sarah Joy Brown As Claudia Zacchara From 1996 To 2009

Sarah Joy Brown is Claudia Zacchara on the General Hospital cast. She is the daughter of Anthony Zacchara, a New York drug lord, with his former wife, Domenica Zacchara. Her family is at the helm of the Zacchara criminal organization.

Sarah left General Hospital in 2009 after some issues with her character’s storyline, so it was killed off. After leaving General Hospital, she worked on projects such as The Bold and the Beautiful, Days Of Our Lives, Big Momma’s House 2, Beacon Hill, and many others.

Derk Cheetwood As Max Giambetti From 2002 To 2020

Max Giambetti, portrayed by Derk Cheetwood, is the son of Maximus Giambetti, a mob boss. He has a half-brother named Milo Giambetti. Max started working as a driver and bodyguard of Sonny Corinthos, also a mob boss. He has remained a loyal employee of Sonny through the years. The faithful Max has always had a crush on Sonny’s former wife, Carly.

However, he is in a relationship with Diane Miller. In 2020, it was announced that Derk Cheetwood would be leaving the General Hospital cast together with his brother, Drew Cheetwood, who plays his on-screen brother Milo.

John Beradino As Dr. Steve Hardy From 1963 To 1996

John Beradino portrayed the role of Dr. Steve Hardy, the former Chief of Staff of General Hospital. Steve is the child of missionary parents. His mother gave birth to him while on a mission trip to China. He has always had a tumultuous relationship with Audrey, whom he married at one point in his life. Actor John Beradino used to be a professional baseball player before entering show business. He stopped playing professionally due to an injury. The actor stayed on the General Hospital cast as Dr. Steve until he passed away in 1996. He lost his battle with cancer and died at the age of 79.

Vanessa Marcil As Brenda Barrett From 1992 To 2015

Vannesa Marcil portrayed Brenda Barrett. She has a son named Alec Barrett, fathered by mob boss Aleksander Janáček. She is from a rich family, so she is rebellious and spoiled. As a teen, she escaped from boarding school, and as a result, she was denied access to her trust fund. She has a sister named Julia.

Actress Vanessa Marcil played the role of Brenda from 1992 to 1998. She returned to reprise her role in 2002, 2010, 2013, and lastly, in 2015. Today, the actress still has an active career on television and in movies. Her recent projects include Stranded In Paradise, Queens of Drama, and The Convenient Groom.

Nathan Parsons As Ethan Lovett From 2009 To 2020

Nathan Parsons appeared as Ethan Lovett on General Hospital beginning in 2009. His father is Luke Spencer, and his mother is Holly Sutton. He was born out of wedlock since his father was married to Laura Spencer when he was conceived. Actor Nathan Parsons portrayed the role from 2009 to 2012 and made recurring appearances in 2013 and 2015. He was last seen in September 2020, where he appeared in three episodes. His most recent appearances are on Once Upon A Time and Roswell, New Mexico.

Jonathan Jackson As Lucky Spencer From 1993 To 2015

Jonathan Jackson is Lucky Spencer in the General Hospital cast. He is the son of Luke and Laura Spencer. Jonathan first appeared on the series in 1993; he was 11 years old at that time. He left in 1999 after he was offered a movie role. Jonathan returned in 2009 and stayed until 2011.

He returned for his final appearance in 2015. Today, Jonathan still appears on television. One of his recent shows is Nashville, where he played the character of Avery Barkley. He has also dabbled in music and formed his band named Enation. The soundtrack of Nashville featured some of their songs.

Rachel Ames As Audrey Hardy From 1964 To 2018

Rachel Ames played the role of Audrey Hardy, the former head nurse of General Hospital. She used to be a flight stewardess before settling in Port Charles to become a nurse. Nurse Audrey used to be married to Dr. Steve Hardy, who is now deceased. At one point, she was raped by Dr. Tom Baldwin. She was also attacked by the mentally ill Ryan Chamberlain, who thought that she was his mother.

Actress Rachel Ames stayed under contract from 1964 to 2002. Afterward, she just made recurring appearances between 2002 and 2007. Later on, she made guest appearances on the soap opera in 2009, 2013, and 2015 for the last time. The veteran soap opera actress has just celebrated her 90th birthday this 2021.

Anne Jeffreys As Amanda Barrington From1984 To 2004

Anne Jeffreys is Amanda Barrington, the wealthy social butterfly in Port Charles. She is best friends with equally wealthy Edward and Lila Quartermaine. Amanda has two kids, namely Malcolm and Derek. Her son Derek is the real father of Mike Webber, the adopted son of Rick Webber. Actress Anne Jeffreys permanently left the General Hospital cast in 2004 after 20 years. Sadly, the veteran actress died in 2018 at the age of 94.

Megan Ward As Kate Howard From 2007 To 2020

Megan Ward portrayed the role of Kate Howard in the General Hospital cast. Joe Scully Jr. raped her, and she got pregnant with her son Trey Mitchell. The original name of Kate is Connie Falconeri, but she changed it to Kate Howard when she reached legal age. She is known for being the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine. Kate is originally from New York and has Italian American roots.

As a teenager, she had a brief romance with Sonny Corinthos. Actress Megan Ward stayed under contract from 2007 to 2009. From then on, she was placed on a recurring status. In 2010, she made her last appearance as Kate. The role was taken over by Kelly Sullivan, who later left the series in 2013. Megan Ward once again appeared on General Hospital as Kate Howard in 2018 and 2020.

Lindze Letherman As Georgie Jones From 2002 To 2018

Lindze Letherman is Georgie Jones, the daughter of Frisco and Felicia Jones. However, she considers Robert Scorpio as her father. She is the sister of Maxie Jones, whose daughter, Georgie, is named after her. Actress Lindze Letherman stayed under contract from 2002 to 2007. She decided to leave the series in 2007 because she felt that her character had no major storylines. Her character was killed off in the story. Georgie was one of the victims of The Text Message Killer.

Lindze returned in 2010 as the ghost of Georgie. She made several other ghostly appearances in a few episodes in 2013. Her last appearance was in 2018 when she appeared to Maxie during her husband’s funeral. Lindze Letherman has left the world of acting and studied to be a sommelier. She relocated to Aspen with her husband and is now the manager of Hooch, a basement lounge.

Emily McLaughlin As Jessie Brewer From 1963 To 1991

Emily McLaughlin is Nurse Jessie Brewer on the General Hospital cast. She is best friends with Steve Hardy, the Chief Of Staff of General Hospital. In the beginning, she was married to Dr. Phil Brewer, who also raped her. She got pregnant but miscarried, which devastated her. Emily McLaughlin was one of the original cast members of General Hospital. She stayed on until 1991. The actress died of cancer in April 1991 at the age of 62.

Sebastian Roche As Jerry Jacks From 2007 To 2015

Sebastian Roche first appeared as Jerry Jacks in 2015. Jerry is the son of John Jacks and Lady Jane Jacks. He is originally from Australia, but his family moved to Alaska. The playboy Jerry came to Port Charles to meet the fiancé of his brother Jax. However, he met Bobbie Spencer and fell in love for the first time. It made him decide to stay in Port Charles. Sebastian left the series in 2008 after his character was thought to be dead.

He returned in 2010 and left again when his character was once again presumed dead. In 2012, Sebastian was put on a recurring status until 2015. Today, Sebastian can be seen on the series Debris, a sci-fi drama that airs on NBC. He will also appear in movies Heatwave, Cabinet of Curiosities, and Lone Star Bull.

Jason Cook As Dr. Matt Hunter From 2008 To 2012

Jason Cook is Dr. Matt Hunter on the General Hospital cast. Matt is the son of Dr. Noah Drake with his mistress Donna Hunter. At that time, his father was still married to Mattie. Matt was married to Maxie Jones, but the marriage ended in divorce. He has a half-brother named Patrick, who is married to Robin Scorpio. Jason Cook was supposed to appear on General Hospital under a guest status.

However, his character gained a lot of interest, so the writers expanded his story. In 2012, Jason left the series because he had several projects in the works. Today, the actor is still very active in his acting career and has also dabbled in writing and directing.

Scott Reeves As Steve Webber From 2009 To 2013

Scott Reeves portrayed the role of Steve Webber, the grandson of former General Hospital Chief of Staff, Dr. Steve Hardy. His father is Dr. Jeff Webber, married to Monica but had an affair with Heather, the nanny. Steve is the product of that affair. When Steve was born, he was sold for $10,000 to Peter and Diana Taylor. Steve has a half-sister named Hayden Barnes, whose mother is Naomi Dreyfus.

Actor Scott Reeves first appeared on the soap opera on a recurring status in 2009. A year later, he was placed under contract. After four years, the actor left the series in 2013. As of 2021, the actor can still be seen on television. His most recent endeavor is the Netflix series entitled Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings. In addition, he is still very active with his band Blue County. He is frequently on tour with his band. The actor also owns and manages a coffee business called Revival Roasting Company.

Vinessa Antoine As Jordan Ashford From 2014 To 2018

Vinessa Antoine first appeared as Jordan Ashford in 2014. She has a son named TJ Ashford, whose father Tommy Ashford Sr. is now deceased. It was revealed that she was entangled in drug dealing and was imprisoned. However, the truth is that it was all a part of her work as an undercover DEA agent. She worked for the Port Charles Police Department after getting fired from the DEA. Vinessa left the General Hospital cast in 2018 after she was given the lead role in Diggstown, a Canadian television series.

Ryan Paevey As Nathan West From 2013 To 2018

Ryan Paevey played the role of Nathan West, the product of an affair between villains Dr. Liesl Obrecht and Cesar Faison. His mother gave him up when he was born. Madeline, his mother’s sister, adopted and raised him. Nathan entered the police force to hunt down the man who put his sister Nina in a coma. In addition, he was married to Maxie Jones, and they have a child named James.

During his stay on the General Hospital cast, Ryan had a lot of movie projects, so he had to take some time off frequently. In 2018, he decided to leave the series for good. His character was killed off. Nathan was killed by his father, Cesar. Today, the actor is seen in several Hallmark movies such as Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, A Little Daytime Drama, and Coyote Creek Christmas.


Bryan Craig As Morgan Corinthos From 2013 To 2018

Bryan Craig as Morgan Corinthos in General Hospital. He is the son of Sonny and Carly Corinthos. His mother was accidentally shot by his father while giving birth to him. In addition, he had bipolar disorder. Actor Bryan Craig portrayed the role from 2013 to 2017 when he decided to leave the series.

His character was killed off. The final scene of Morgan showed him getting into Julian’s car, and then there was a huge explosion. It turned out that Olivia planted a bomb in the car to kill Julian. After leaving General Hospital, Bryan Craig has appeared on the television series Grand Hotel and Valor.

Dylan Cash As Michael Corinthos From 2002 To 2008

Dylan Cash was the child actor who played the role of Michael Corinthos. Michael is the son of Carly Benson and AJ Quartermaine. His mother was married to Dr. Tony Jones at the time he was conceived. Sonny Corinthos treats him as his adopted son. Dylan began appearing on the series in 2002, but he was placed under contract only in 2005. His contract expired and was not renewed.

The soap opera executives had other plans in mind. They planned to age the character and get another actor to play the role. Today, Dylan continues to appear onscreen. In addition, he also established a production company named Poolside Production. His company is involved in film and television productions.

Matt Cohen As Dr. Griffin Munro From 2016 To 2020

Matt Cohen is Dr. Griffin Munro, the son of mob boss Duke Lavery with his former lover Margaret Munro. Griffin only found out who his birth father was after her mother passed away. He and Dr. Lucas Jones have been friends since medical school. The doctor is also friends with Anna Devane.

In addition, he had a past affair with Claudette, who is the wife of Nathan West. They both discovered that they still love one another. Matt Cohen first appeared as Griffin in 2016, and in 2019 he decided that it was time for him to leave and pursue other opportunities. He is now the director of Days Of Our Lives.

Ryan Carnes As Dr. Lucas Jones From 2004 To 2020

Ryan Carnes is Dr. Lucas Jones, the son of Julian Jerome and Cheryl Stansbury. He is the adopted son of Dr. Tony Jones and Bobbie Spencer. When he was born, he was stolen from his mother and sold to his adoptive parents. His mother was told that he had died during birth.

Ryan Carnes is the ninth actor to play the role of Dr. Lucas Jone. He first appeared in 2004 and left in 2005. He later returned in 2014 and made his last appearance in 2020. Actor Matt Trudeau replaced him. As of date, Ryan’s most recent film is Cupid For Christmas, a Hulu movie.


Bruce Weitz As Anthony Zacchara From 2007 To 2012

Bruce Weitz played the role of Anthony Zacchara, the father of Claudia Zacchara. He is also the grandfather of Johnny Zacchara. Initially, Johnny knew Anthony as his father and not his grandfather. Anthony had a longtime rivalry with Sonny Corinthos. He was married to Tracy Quartermaine.

Bruce announced his retirement from acting in 2009 and expressed his intention to leave General Hospital. He made his last appearance in March 2009. However, he returned to the series several times as a guest until his character was killed off in 2012. After the death of his character, he still made guest appearances in 2012 as a hallucination.

Jack Wagner As Frisco Jones From 1983 To 2013

Jack Wagner first appeared as Frisco Jones in 1983. His character is the brother of Dr. Tony Jones. He is the father of Georgie and Maxie Jones. In addition, he has a grandson named Georgie Spinelli. Frisco became the head of WSB. Jack Wagner played the role of Frisco intermittently from 1984 to 1995. He returned for a short while in 2013. Today, Jack can be seen in several Hallmark movies, and his most recent one is The Wedding March 3.

Teresa Castillo As Sabrina Santiago From 2012 To 2016

Teresa Castillo first appeared as Sabrina Santiago in 2012. Her character Sabrina is the daughter of Nurse Gabriela Santiago. Her mother inspired her to become a nurse too. She has a son, Teddy Rivera, whose father is Carlos Rivera. Later, she got pregnant with her former fiancé, Dr. Patrick Drake, but the baby died after birth. Felix Dubois is her bestfriend.

In 2016, Teresa Castillo left the General Hospital cast after her character Sabrina was killed by Paul Hornsby. Today, Teresa has two kids and has embarked on a career as an author of children’s books. Peter Hansen As Lee Baldwin From 1965 To 2017

Peter Hansen first played the role of Lee Baldwin in 1965.

He was the addiction counselor of General Hospital. Later on, he became the deputy mayor of Port Charles. After his term as mayor ended, he served on the General Hospital Board as counsel. Sadly, the actor Peter Hansen died in April 2017. His character was also killed off in July 2017. General Hospital aired a tribute episode for the beloved actor.


Brianna Brown As Lisa Niles From 2010 To 2015

Brianna Brown portrayed Lisa Niles, the ex-lover of Patrick Drake. She was determined to seduce Patrick, who is already married to Robin and becomes very obsessive. In 2011, the character of Lisa was killed off to create a mystery in the storyline. It was only years later that the mystery of her death was revealed. The real killer was Matt, and he was sent to jail. Brianna has appeared several times on the series until 2015. After leaving General Hospital, the actress appeared on the series Dynasty.

Billy Warlock As AJ Quartermaine From 1997 To 2003

Billy Warlock was AJ Quartermaine on the General Hospital cast. His character is the son of Doctors Alan and Monica Quartermaine. However, at the time of his conception, his mother was also sleeping with Rick Webber. It raised some speculations about who his real father is. Later on, it was revealed that his real father was Alan Quartermaine because they had identical birthmarks. A DNA test was also used as further proof.

Billy Warlock played the role of AJ until 2003 when he was said to be fired from the show. It was rumored that the actor had some conflicts with the soap opera’s executives. Today, the actor is officially retired from acting and is now a supervisor at a skiing school for kids.

Minae Noji As Dr. Kelly Lee From 2006 To 2017

Minae Noji first appeared as Dr. Kelly Lee in 2006. She is the OB/GYN at General Hospital. It was later revealed that she had a sex addiction. Some hospital staff filed a case of sexual harassment against her. She is often seen as the doctor of most of the characters that get pregnant in General Hospital.

In 2017, her character was written off the script. It was revealed that she went off to work for Doctors Without Borders. Dr. Kim Nero replaced her. Today, the actress Minae Noji can still be seen in various television shows, movies, and video games.

Ron Hale As Mike Corbin From 1995 To 2010

Ron Hale played the role of Mike Corbin, the father that Sonny Corinthos loved to hate. He has another child named Courtney Matthews, who is already dead. Sonny hated him for leaving them when he was a child. Mike worked as the manager of Kelly’s Diner. In 2011, Ron Hale left General Hospital to retire permanently from acting. Actor Max Gail replaced him in 2018.

Susan Brown As Dr. Gail Adamson Baldwin From 1969 To 2019

Susan Brown portrayed Dr. Gail Adamson Baldwin in 1969. Gail was a psychiatrist. It was later discovered that she was the foster parent of Monica Bard. She became close friends with Lee Baldwin after they shared the grief over the loss of their spouses. Eventually, they fell in love and got married. The character played by Susan Brown lived a full life at General Hospital. She had several grandchildren. She also got to witness the death of many of her friends and loved ones.

Susan Brown was last seen in the episode where her character Gail attended the memorial of Lila Quartermaine. After that, her character faded from the storyline. In August 2018, the actress died at the age of 84. Her character was killed off on General Hospital in January 2019.

Nathin Butler As Dr. Ewen Keenan From 2011 To 2012

Nathin Butler appeared as Dr. Ewen Keenan in 2011. He was the mystery guy who saved the life of Elizabeth Webber during a drowning incident at a boat party. It later unfolded that Ewen was the psychiatrist at Shadybrook and Elizabeth became his patient. Much later, Ewen kills John Jacks with the use of a sedative. It ends in a gunfight where Ewen tries to shoot Elizabeth. However, Jason ends up shooting him in the stomach, and he dies from his wounds. That was the last time that the character portrayed by Nathin Butler was seen in General Hospital. The actor currently appears on the series Westwold. He is also the writer and producer of an Australian crime series entitled the Far North.

Maree Cheatham As Charlene Simpson From 1987 To 1991

Mare Cheatham was Charlene Simpson on the General Hospital cast. Her character Charlene is the mother of Colton Shore and Decker Moss. She is also the aunt of Lucy Coe. Charlene first came to Port Charles as the housekeeper of Tony and Lucy. Her relation to Lucy was kept a secret. In 1991, the character played by Maree was let go. Charlene was injured in a hostage crisis, and she returned to Texas to recover.

Maree was last seen in 1997 when her character Charlene visited Lucy during Thanksgiving. At present, the actress is no longer working on any projects and is enjoying her retirement. Her last movie was in 2010, and it was entitled Letters To God.

Blake Gibbons As Mitchell Coleman From 2002 To 2014

Blake Gibbons played the character of Mitchell Coleman, the owner of The Floating Rib Bar. He was also the previous owner of The Oasis Bar. Later on, he developed an obsession with Courtney and became her stalker. Since 2006, the character portrayed by Blake Gibbons on the General Hospital cast was given less and less screen time. He only made a few appearances through the years. In 2014, he finally bid his goodbyes to the General Hospital cast. At present, the actor remains active on television and in commercials.

Kristen Alderson As Kiki Jerome From 2012 To 2015

Kristen Alderson played Kiki Jerome, the child of Silas Clay, with his former mistress Ava Jerome. Her mother, Ava, is a mob boss and a gallery owner. At the time she was conceived, her father was still married. Her scheming mother made people believe that Franco was her father. Kirsten played the role until she decided to leave the series in 2015. Actress Hayley Erin replaced her. At present, Kirsten is part of the cast of the soap opera entitled Mélange.

Drew Cheetwood As Milo Giambetti From 2006 To 2020

Drew Cheetwood was Milo Giambetti on the General Hospital cast. Milo is a bodyguard of mob bosses Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. He works alongside his brother Max Giambetti. In addition, he is also a personal trainer and stripper. Milo has always had a crush on Lulu Spencer. In 2019, Drew left the cast when his contract did not fall through. At present, he is working as a real estate agent in Michigan. He is also a licensed Cross Fit trainer. Drew still appears on television from time to time.

Scott Clifton As Dillon Quartermaine From 2003 To 2007

Scott Clifton played Dillon Quartermaine, the son of lawyer Paul Hornsby with his former wife, Tracy Quartermaine. Twins Michael and Jevin Jacobson originally played the role. His mother raised him in Europe to hide him from his father. His half-brother is Ned Quartermaine. In 2007, actor Scott Clifton expressed his desire not to renew his contract. He wanted to entertain other opportunities in acting and music. His character was written off as leaving town until he was replaced with another actor. Today, Scott Clifton can be seen in the series The Bold And The Beautiful.

Claire Coffee As Nadine Crowell From 2007 To 2009

Claire Coffee first appeared as Nadine Crowell in 2007. Her character arrived in Port Charles to visit her sister Jolene who was in a coma. She discovered through Damian Spinelli that her sister is responsible for the deaths of several patients at General Hospital. Eventually, Nadine started working at the hospital as a nurse. Actress Claire Coffee left the General Hospital cast in 2009. Her character Nadine inherited some money from her aunt, so she decided to leave Port Charles. Another reason for her leaving is that she realized that Nikolas loved Rebecca and not her. At present, Claire can still be seen on television. Her most recent work is on Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector.

Drew Garrett As Michael Corinthos From 2009 To 2010

Drew Garrett was the first adult actor to portray the role of Michael Corinthos when he was aged onscreen in 2009. Michael is the son of former couple AJ Quartermaine and Carly Benson. He is also the adopted son of Sonny Corinthos. In 2010, after only a year in the General Hospital cast, actor Drew Garrett was taken off the series for unknown reasons. Actor Chad Duell replaced him. Drew Garrett still has a flourishing acting career, and his most recent works are Buying Time, Dauntless: The Battle of Midway, and Man in Hoodie.

Brad Maule As Dr. Tony Jones From 1984 To 2019

Brad Maule was Dr. Tony Jones on General Hospital beginning in 1984. Tony is the brother of Frisco Jones, the WSB secret agent. Brad played the role on a contract basis from 1984 to 2002. From then on, he was on a recurring status until the character of Tony was killed off in 2006. After his character’s death, Brad still appeared in General Hospital as a ghost until 2019. After he left the series, Brad returned to his hometown in Texas and taught acting and filmmaking classes at his alma mater. He also hosts a radio talk show.

Stephen Macht As Trevor Lansing From 2007 To 2009

Stephen Macht appeared as Trevor Lansing on General Hospital in 2007. Trevor is the father of Ric Lansing. He was previously engaged to Adela Corinthos. Additionally, his son Ric is the half-brother of Sonny Corinthos. His mother, Adela, was made to choose between Ric and Trevor or Sonny. Adela chose Sonny and left Trevor and their son. In 2009, Stephen Macht left the General Hospital cast after his character was killed off. Trevor plunged to his death from a burning building. The actor still appears on television occasionally. He was last seen in the television series Suits.

Stephen Martines As Nikolas Cassadine From 2000 To 2003

Stephen portrayed the role of Nikolas Cassadine in 2000. Actor Tyler Christopher originally played a role in 1996. The character of Nikolas is the son of Prince Stavros Cassadine and Laure Webber. He was named after Tsar Nicholas II. Nikolas has a son named Spencer Cassadine with Courtney Matthews. In 2003, the actor playing Nikolas was taken off contract. Stephen and the show’s executives were not able to reach an agreement regarding his contract. Tyler Christopher returned as Nikolas after Stephen’s departure. Today, Stephen is working on his career as a solo country singer.

Cynthia Preston As Faith Roscoe From 2002 To 2005

Cynthia Preston arrived at General Hospital as Faith Roscoe in 2002. She was out to kill Sonny Corinthos and avenge the death of her husband. Faith teamed up with Ned Quartermaine to accomplish her mission. Later on, she allied with Ric Lansing, Sonny’s lawyer. She had a one-night stand with Ric, and she became obsessive.

At one point, she becomes a partner at the Haunted Star casino after winning a game. She also became romantically involved with Justus. The actress Cynthia made her last appearance on General Hospital in 2005 when her character was killed off. An assassin killed Faith that AJ Quartermaine hired.

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